Our Adoptable Friends

Thank you for visiting TaylerMade Training and Pet Supplies. We are excited to partner with TaylerMade Rescues and offer a safe place to house birds seeking their next home.

If you are interested in adoption, please complete the online Adoption Application – the link to the form is provided below.



Our Adoptable Friends

Parrot Adoption: Why an Application and Adoption Fees Matter

Why an Adoption Application?

At TaylerMade Rescues, we take the adoption process seriously. Our adoption application serves several crucial purposes:

  1. Matching the Right Parrot: We want to ensure that each parrot finds the perfect forever home. By collecting information about potential adopters, we can match them with a parrot that suits their lifestyle, experience, and preferences.

  2. Confirming Commitment: Adopting a parrot is a long-term commitment. The application helps us gauge an individual’s readiness and willingness to provide lifelong care for their feathered companion.

  3. Scheduling Meet and Greets: Knowing which parrot you’re interested in allows us to arrange meet and greets with our foster homes. This ensures a successful introduction and compatibility assessment.

Why Adoption Fees?

Our adoption fees cover essential costs associated with rescuing and caring for parrots. These fees help us:

  1. Support Other Rescues: By charging adoption fees, we can continue our mission of rescuing and rehabilitating parrots in need.

  2. Prevent Reselling: Charging a fee discourages individuals from adopting with the intention of reselling the bird for profit.

  3. Cover Costs: Bird rescues incur various expenses. Here are some common costs:

    • Veterinary Care: Regular health check-ups, vaccinations, and any necessary medical treatments.
    • Nutrition: High-quality parrot food, fresh fruits, and vegetables.
    • Housing: Providing suitable cages and perches.
    • Enrichment: Toys, foraging items, and mental stimulation.
    • Transportation: Moving parrots to foster homes or adoptive families.
    • Education: Educating adopters about parrot care and behavior.
    • Emergency Situations: Unexpected medical emergencies or special needs.

Common Costs Associated with Parrot Rescue

  1. Veterinary Visits: Routine check-ups, blood tests, and treatments.
  2. Dietary Needs: High-quality pellets, fresh produce, and occasional supplements.
  3. Cage and Perch Maintenance: Regular cleaning and replacement.
  4. Toys and Enrichment: Keeping parrots mentally stimulated.
  5. Emergency Medical Care: Unexpected health issues.
  6. Transportation: Moving parrots safely.
  7. Educational Materials: Providing resources to adopters.
Remember, when you adopt from us, you’re not just getting a parrot—you’re becoming part of our extended family. Thank you for considering adoption and helping us give these beautiful birds a second chance at a happy life! 
If you have a suitable cage, we will consider adoption without cage.


Breed: Kakariki

Age: One Year Old

Gender: Male

Flighted, learning to become hand tame. Very curious and enjoys the company of other animals and people.

ADOPTION FEE: $250 with cage


Breed: Double Yellow Headed Amazon

Age: 45 Years Old

Gender: Male

Flighted, prefers calmer hands and those with experience with Amazon body language. He can talk some and enjoys the attention of his family. He prefers not being touched by new people and is more comfortable with female.

ADOPTION FEE: $950 with cage


Breed: Cockatiel

Age: 4 Years old

Gender: Male

He is settling into the rescue well and has recently been introduced to Rooster. They currently share a cage together. They do not have to be adopted together. 

ADOPTION FEE: $250 with cage


Breed: Cockatiel

Age: 1 year old

Gender: Female

She is flighted and sings beautiful songs and enjoys people’s company. She isn’t hand tame but shows promise

ADOPTION FEE: $250 with cage


Breed: Parakeets

Age: 1-7 Years old

Gender: Male and Female

Flighted, not hand tame. They were originally a flock from an aviary and are seeking a new home together or separately.

ADOPTION FEE: $10 separately or $250 with cage








Breed: Caique

Age: 14 Years old

Gender: Male

Steve is a lover when he finds his special person. He has been known to become possesive with his owner and is seeking someone with hormonal bird experience.

ADOPTION FEE: $350 with cage


Breed: Conure

Age: young

Gender: Unknown

Mango is a friendly and affectionate conure that enjoys spending time on owner’s shoulder.

ADOPTION FEE: $350 with cage