Breeding Services with Tayler Smith

Our puppies are raised in home. They come with limited AKC registration, dewclaw removal, four dewormings, and at least one round of shots if not two depending on vets recommendations.
It also includes the OFA and genetic results of the parents so you know you’re getting a quality puppy with an 18 month health guarantee.
Lastly, not to mention the extreme one on one training I do with each puppy for the 8 weeks they are with us. I do not take any other dogs to train during this time to prevent possible illness and assure I’m spending quality time with each one. They are behavior and temperament tested and many go to work as service dogs, search and rescue dogs, bird hunters and or family pets. They have impressive drive and an on and off switch to make them great family pets.

They begin kennel and potty training. We also introduce them to a list of 100 items that we follow for our service dog training program. They learn manners and basic obedience. They go home knowing to sit, down, not to play bite, or jump.

Thank you so much for your interest in one of our future puppies! 




Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in the world. They were bred as a gundog to retrieve game in the Scottish Highlands. Golden Retrievers have friendly temperaments and well adapt, but are by no means a guard dog. In the past 100 years various lines have been developed and American and English standards have separated. However, it is important to note that both the English and American lines are not a separate breed.

The English Golden Retriever

This sporting gundog displays its cream color characteristics. Red is not an acceptable color. They are often shorter than their American counterparts. Their coats tend to be shorter and wavy. Often times they are considered to have fewer health problems. Average life is just over 12 years. They tend to be built for strength, and can be calmer.

The American Golden Retriever

The golden-colored coat is the trademark of this sporting breed, and the color can range from light to dark gold (red). Their coats tend to be longer and thicker. Average life is between 10 and 11 years. They tend to be more built for speed.



Available Golden Retriever Puppies

It is a rarity that we have puppies available. We do not breed unless we have a full waiting list. If you are interested in adding your name to the waiting list for a future TaylerMade Golden please fill out the application to be considered.



TaylerMade Stud Services

Finn was born in 2018 with lines tracing back to Tramin Kennels. His father was imported from Ukraine and we purchased him as a stud and working dog. Finn has fathered 6 healthy litters in the previous years. He has also completed the CORE testing required for breeding. Finn is a goofy dog with a lot of personality. He has a natural love for children and is gentle with all animals. If you think he would be a good fit for your female please do not hesitate to reach out.

We do require the female to have the same 4 CORE testing results and a genetic health screening completed to ensure Finn is a match for producing healthy puppies. We also require the female to create contracts and send puppies home with LIMITED REGISTRATION.


Thank you for visiting TaylerMade Training and Pet Supplies. We are excited to partner with TaylerMade Rescues and offer a safe place to house birds seeking their next home. If you are interested in adoption, please complete our online application.