Tayler Smith, CPDT-KA

Tayler is the Founder and Owner of TaylerMade Training, LLC. She has owned various animals in her life ranging from domestic dogs and cats to the more exotic mini pig and parrots and all were known for their exceptionally good behavior.

Even at a young age, it was obvious that Tayler’s compassion, patience, and attention to detail would lead her into a career helping pets. Her career began in 2012, where she studied under two different mentors to expand her training knowledge and perfect different training styles. She holds an Associate’s Degree focusing on Animal Science. CPDT-KA, AKC evaluator, and Temperament Tester are some of her several certifications.

Tayler works with the local humane society donating time to train the long-term shelter dogs in an attempt to help them find homes. TaylerMade Training donates time, funds, and resources back into the community each month to help aid where it is needed.

 Tayler blended the different methods learned from her mentors to create the balanced style she implements today. Her belief is that with consistency, clarity, and marker words you can create an obedient dog. Although obedience is a huge part of training the most fundamental part is corrective behavior. Through observation and classification and prevention of triggers, Tayler can devise and implement a training regimen to correct even the worse behavioral issues.

I believe every dog deserves a chance. A bond between owner and pet should be built on trust, love, and understanding. I spend my time teaching a language both owner and pet will understand.

Tayler Smith | Founder . Head Trainer



Daniel Smith, AKC Evaluator

Daniel started his experience training his own dog Riley in 2019. Realizing his potential, Tayler helped polish his skills to be the trainer he is today. Evoking the humane hierarchy and least intrusive minimally aversive methods, Daniel is able to train dogs without forceful and aversive methods. He provides basic obedience training to young and old dogs as well as acute behavior modifications.



Customer Representative

Jacob has assisted in over 100 hours of training with private clients. During his time of training, he has found his passion for behavior and has continued schooling to become a therapist. He has practiced puppy socialization and has engaged in large group classes. He has been exposed to the basic family dog to harder cases, such as leash walking and unconfident dogs. Jacob has a high energy dog of his own, so he is well aware of herding breed behaviors. He is a valuable asset to the TaylerMade team.



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